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No New Posts >> the code

Here you will find everything you need to get started here on Evergreen. Most importantly though, you will find the Rules here.
Please make sure to read them before joining!

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6 13 Territory Ranks
by { b l u e }
Jul 16, 2011 17:30:33 GMT -5
No New Posts >> announcements

Here you will find any and all site announcements. Since they're usually quite important, I greatly recommend checking this board often. c;

5 27 Everyone Wants to be a Tyrant King.
by { b l u e }
Jul 21, 2011 20:38:14 GMT -5
No New Posts >> archives

Here is where any and all old threads will be stored. This also includes character bios and the like, so if you see something you would like taken out of the Archives, please PM a staff member.

Sub-board: >> old character bios

by mactire
Jun 2, 2011 5:31:32 GMT -5

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No New Posts >> enter the fray

Here is where you create and post your character's bios. You can also find other character-related material in here as well.

Please make sure your characters are accepted before RPing!

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Sub-board: >> unfinished biographies

13 17 Kimmik
by kimmik
Sept 30, 2012 12:25:29 GMT -5
No New Posts >> welcome to our ranks

Here is where all accepted character bios can be found after they are reviewed and accepted by a staff member.

Sub-boards: >> northerners, >> easterners, >> westerners, >> southerners, >> loners

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No New Posts >> logbooks

Here is where you can keep track of all of your characters and the threads they're in with a character log. Character Logs are for reference only, so the only person who should be replying to their thread is the creator.

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No New Posts >> the den

Pups and foals and kits and chicks! If you have characters interested in having young, here's the place to be. All of the information you need is inside.

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No New Posts >> plotting

Here is where you are free to form mini-plots for your characters among other members.
This is also where you would go about forming a pack/herd/tribe/etc. Please keep in mind that you have to have at least one follower before attempting to claim land!

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No New Posts >> adoption

Have too many characters, but don't want to delete any? Then feel free to post here and let someone else take care of them.

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No New Posts >> the dearly departed

Have too many characters, or is someone's time up? Then post here to either ice or delete a character. You're also free to make a farewell post with the character as well.

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No New Posts >> chitter-chatter

Games, contests, and a whole bunch of other random nonsense can be posted here. c:

You can also find the In-Character Chatbox in here. This is for characters to chat with each other OOC; simply for fun. ^^

Moderator: { b l u e }

Sub-board: >> contest hall

by anaimapayne
Sept 30, 2011 14:25:46 GMT -5
No New Posts >> graphics

Have a drawing you'd just love to share? Or maybe you're interested in creating some graphics for other members?

Here's the place to post everything art related! If you'd like a Graphics Studio for yourself, just PM a staff member. Only art that is yours, and only yours may be posted here; art theft will not be taken lightly.

Sub-boards: >> bluejay studios, >> burning flames studio, >> widdershin works, >> table testing

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No New Posts >> staff lounge

Sorry, staff only.

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No New Posts >> the shop

Here, you can use the Gems earned from posting and other site-related contests to buy some items for your characters, rare species, and more! There's also some stuff in here for the user as well. c:

13 26 LIKE, WOAH.
by { b l u e }
Jul 15, 2011 3:55:43 GMT -5
No New Posts >> help central

Do you want some helpful tips on writing a good bio? Do you need some help with RPing in general? Then look no further!
You can find quite a few helpful tutorials in here, and you can also post a help thread as well.

This board is dedicated to RP Help only; any other questions should be posted in the FAQ board.

1 1 Some Helpful Roleplaying Guides
by { b l u e }
Feb 25, 2011 16:34:42 GMT -5
No New Posts >> suggestions/faq

A guest-friendly board where you're free to make a suggestion to better the site, or ask a question.

7 31 Sticky question - need yall's imput!
by Stardust
Oct 4, 2011 9:46:27 GMT -5
No New Posts >> absence board

Leaving for awhile and can't log in? Leaving forever? (I sure hope not! D: )
Post your away messages here.

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No New Posts >> leave a mark

Here (and only here) is where you're free to advertise your site, or affiliate with ours. Please follow our rules.

**Guest-friendly. Proboards sites preferred.

Sub-boards: >> first timers, >> link backs, >> affiliate

458 475 Heart of the Forest: a Warriors Roleplay
by Oakley
Jul 26, 2018 10:18:13 GMT -5

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No New Posts >> the castle of hinrayi

If you travel northward far enough, you will find yourself in the Kingdom of Ice. A very cold, tundra-like territory, this place is ruled by the Polar Bears. Although many other creatures who have adapted to these harsh conditions also reside here, the Bears and their descendants have nearly always been given the title of 'rulers'.
At the farthest northern point of the territory, high in the mountains, you will find the Castle of Hinrayi. Despite the name, it is not actually a castle; it is a very ornate and large cave, so large that a small population of bears can thrive in it. The bears given the privilege of residing here are of either royal decent, or are personally asked by the royals to reside there alongside them.

Queen: Nilak

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No New Posts >> glacier falls

Glacier Falls is perhaps one of the most beautiful places to be in the North. However, as its name suggests, it's certainly no tropical paradise! The freezing waters are crystal clear, and for those who can withstand the icy waters can enjoy a nice swim here from time to time.

2 18 Trouble Brewing {Open}
by mactire
Aug 11, 2011 22:53:40 GMT -5
No New Posts >> naklin tundra

At the foot of the mountain at which the Royals reside and expanding southward is the Naklin Tundra. A cold, dry, virtually treeless place, it seems very unforgiving to those not used to such a climate. However, the inhabitants of this territory have learned to survive here quite well.

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No New Posts >> fort kaneq

The main dwelling of the King's fighting forces, Fort Kaneq is simply a small forest with a large clearing at its center. If the materials can be found, recruits will sometimes stick logs into the ground to create a crude 'fence' in the spaces between trees. A small pond i the center of the clearing serves as a source of water... if you can break through the ice, that is.
Don't think it's easy to get past the treeline. While the army is camped there, all manner of creatures patrol the forest's perimeter, chasing off any who dare try to enter.

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No New Posts >> the frozen coast

To the northwest is the Frozen Coast, where land meets frigid sea. Despite its name, the coat isn't actually frozen, though there are actually cliffs of ice jutting out into the sea.
Not many animals can withstand the freezing waters, but those that can are right at home.

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No New Posts >> blackpine meadows

To the East, you will find a sprawling forest that spans for miles. Countless different types of trees can be found growing here, from oak to birch. There are also many different creatures that reside here as well, all protected under the peaceful Lord of the Forest.
Despite the fact that there are many different creatures that reside here, it has been the law for generations that a deer be Lord or Lady.
The highest-ranked creatures are given the privilege of residing in the Blackpine Meadows. A rather large clearing protected by close-growing pines and brambles, it offers a great sense of security to its residents.

Lord: Balthazar

1 8 || vol de nuit {OPEN}
by Desi
Aug 4, 2011 0:25:25 GMT -5
No New Posts >> eskilso forest

If you cross the river winding through the trees near the northern border, you will find yourself in another world.
Unlike the rest of the forest, every tree here is a coniferous; not a leaf to be seen. The ground is covered with a thick blanket of pine needles, and makes trekking through here nearly undetectable to the untrained ear.
In some parts of this sub-forest, the trees grow so close together that little to no sunlight can pierce through their canopy.

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No New Posts >> the underground cavern

Created long ago by the movement of water and the earth's surface and found only recently through the roof collapsing, this underground wonder is surprisingly spacious. The only way to safely get in and out of this massive cavern is through a connecting tunnel in the forest above.
Inside the cavern, a stone 'beach' completely surrounds the body of water, so it is quite easy to traverse the entire cavern without having to swim through the water. Near the northern end of the cavern are hollows in the walls, perfect for the residents to bed down for the night. Centered at the cave's ceiling is a gaping hole where both sunlight and moonlight enter the cave.

1 2 did you stand too close to the fire [open]
by crow.
Jul 21, 2011 12:00:40 GMT -5
No New Posts >> lake chaera

A rather large lake located in the east-central section of the forest. It is a lovely place, with willows growing on its banks and offering serenity to whoever visits. It's waters are clean and clear, making the scene all the more idyllic. Lake Chaera is one of the most popular places in the forest, particularly in the summer. In Winter, however, the lake freezes over and proves to be useless as a source of water.

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No New Posts >> the edge

If you travel Eastward far enough, you will eventually reach the forests' end... and some dangerous cliffs. The drop down to the sea is a steep one, with jagged boulders waiting at the bottom.
It is advised to steer clear of here, but if for some reason you want to get a closer look, nobody's stopping you. Just watch your step.

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No New Posts >> athalei mountains

Though their name suggests otherwise, the Athalei Mountains barely quality to be called such. A very small grouping of rocky hills near the northernmost borders of the Freelands, this is a popular haunt for Northerners who wish to escape their own territory for a short while.

1 9 Capturing the Storm {Crow/Open}
by Stardust
Jul 14, 2011 12:16:34 GMT -5
No New Posts >> alkaid creek

A quaint little creek located near the northeastern border of the Freelands. The water is clean and clear, the banks bordered with the occasional group of trees. Most of the creek dries up in the summer months, so it isn't a completely reliable source of water.

1 7 || velocity (open)
by MudBug
Jul 25, 2011 22:34:39 GMT -5
No New Posts >> flaxen meadows

A large stretch of grassland that takes up much of the Freelands. As its name suggests, this territory has a surprising amount of the color yellow, thanks to the hundreds of dandelions that thrive here.

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No New Posts >> the maple grove

A small stretch of forest near the southeastern border of the Freelands. As its name suggests, the dominant tree type here are maples, though other trees can be found here as well.

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No New Posts >> canyon of crimson

Also known as the place where those looking for a fight can find one.
This small canyon marks the border between the Freelands and the Eldoro, and is the designated fighting grounds of all the territories.

Everything you need to know on fighting is inside. All major fights between characters are to be held here, and nowhere else.

1 1 Fighting Rules
by { b l u e }
May 29, 2011 20:40:02 GMT -5

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No New Posts >> the arlen river

To the West, far beyond the treeline of the Eastern forests, are the Endless Plains.
These rolling plains can truly feel like they have no boundaries, but they are not really endless. They do span for a great many miles, though.
With little shelter from the elements, this can be a hard terrain to grow accustomed to living in. Nonetheless, there are still plenty of inhabitants in this sea of green.
Most of the creatures here form Tribes, so there is no true ruler of the Plains. However, all of the Tribes congregate once every four summers to elect a Chieftain, meaning one leader of the tribes is elected slightly higher in rank than the rest. It is the Chieftain, who can be male or female, that is considered 'ruler'.
The Chieftain and their followers tend to reside near the Arlen River, the largest in the plains. With fresh, clear water readily available year-round, it is an ideal place to live... or as ideal as you can get in the open.

Chieftain: Azar Aditi

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No New Posts >> the great green expanse

For lack of a more creative name, this vast sea of grass is what makes up most of the Endless Plains. As its namesake suggests, these plains stretch across for miles westward until they reach the ocean to. Near the western borders, the Endless Plains start to get more hilly, and is where most of the Tribes tend to congregate.

1 8 Baro Bird finds a Rock
by MudBug
Oct 10, 2011 11:59:13 GMT -5
No New Posts >> the shield

This little patch of rare woodland is called 'The Shield' not only for its shape, but because it is one of the only places one can take cover in from the nastier elements such as rain and snow. Just be careful you're not here in a lightning storm though; it has a tendency to strike here often, as told by the vast majority of charred tree trunks.

1 1 ` all i want is everything | open
by { b l u e }
Jul 16, 2011 5:21:19 GMT -5
No New Posts >> the sapphire sea

If you travel Westward and cross the plains, you will eventually reach the Sapphire Sea. Aptly named, it is just as its name suggests; a clear, clean, endless expanse of sapphire blue waters. The surrounding shoreline is comprised of soft white sand, along with broken seashells here and there. The Sapphire Sea is one of the more popular lands, especially in the summer months.

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No New Posts >> the limestone bluffs

If you travel north along the shoreline, you will eventually come across the Limestone Bluffs. They aren't the largest cliffs around, but a fall from them can be just as dangerous as falling from any other. Since the sea erodes the limestone fairly quickly, the tops of the Bluffs can be quite unstable. Explore at your own risk.

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No New Posts >> the ruins of veldez

To the South, you will eventually find yourself in a barren, desert-like territory. Though its name suggests that this place is entirely a sea of sand, it is quite the opposite; many canyons and rocky plateaus can be found here, as well as the (very) occasional river. There is an actual desert in this terra though, and it is located near the southwest border.
The majority of the creatures here are either outcasts or fugitives, though there is the occasional lifelong inhabitant.
There is really no structure to the ranking habits of this lot; they simply listen to whoever has the most smarts and strength.
The creature that does manage to gain the favor of their followers tend to reside in the Ruins of Veldez. All it is is a pile of ancient boulders, with one or two walls still standing. Still, if you can find a good enough place to sleep, it offers decent shelter.

"Ruler": Tumai

1 4 || starry eyed {OPEN}
by FOX
Jun 4, 2011 12:45:47 GMT -5
No New Posts >> terakka

Terakka, which makes up most of the northern and eastern portions of the Eldoro Desert, is for the most part simply dry plants and rocks. Lots and lots of rocks. There's a few plateaus scattered about this large stretch of scrubland, though they offer little protection from the heat of the day.
This place is extremely unforgiving in the summer months, so you would be wise to find one of the very few oases and hope it will cool down.

Sub-board: Ghalzan's Turf

3 9 Lonesome Night [Blue/Ghalzan]
by Digamma
Jul 21, 2011 21:49:27 GMT -5
No New Posts >> avael's keep

Near the center of the whole territory is a place known as Avael's Keep; a haven of sorts from the relentless heat of the desert. It is an oasis, with small trees offering some shade and a dependable source of clean water.
The only thing is, it is heavily guarded by whoever came across it after the previous caretakers left, for whatever reason. This area is a hotspot for skirmishes, and therefore never has the same residents long. If you aren't a part of the current landholder's crew, then you'd best back off before you loose a tail, or worse...

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No New Posts >> the ivory sea

Here is where you will find the *real* desert in the south. Spanning across the whole southern border and reaching upward along the west, this desert is quite formidable.
Named for the white sand that comprises the majority of this desert, the Ivory Sea is as unforgiving a territory you will ever find, regardless of season.

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No New Posts >> the southern coast

If you mange to live through your trek through the desert, you will be rewarded with the open ocean.
This is where Southerners can reach the Sapphire Sea, though not without cost; there is no way to get here without going through the desert sands.
However, there are some who were privileged with being born on the coast, and have little to worry about an unforgiving desert to trek through. Creatures who find themselves here rarely leave, considering that their other two options are an ocean of sand or and ocean of water.

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